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Spiritually with Narcissists. This website is dedicated to

Exposing the malignant force at work that make all

Narcissists behave the same.

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Latest from the Blog

When The Scapegoat Becomes The Golden Child

There is a phenomenon that occurs in the Narcissistic household.  And that is where the Scapegoated Child (the one singled out for blame and negative treatment) later becomes the new Golden Child (the Narcissist’s pride and joy). This can happen for a variety of reasons but it usually happens once the children are all grown up.…

When A Narcissist Dreams

Sleep is essential and needed by everyone, but many Narcissists can find sleep very stressful as their dreams can be very disturbing. But before I get into that I want to quickly address the different sleep patterns. Firstly, there are those Narcissists who struggle to fall asleep as they are kept awake worrying, over-thinking, scheming…

How Narcissists Fight Your Spirit

When you believe in more than the physical world that you can see, you are more careful with the people you interact with and let into your space. You are more aware of the spiritual connections that can be made. So, when it comes to engaging with Narcissists it is not something to take lightly.…

My name is Clarice and I have dedicated this website to Exposing the Narcissist and help others to overcome Narcissism. I aim to delve a bit deeper to look at the spiritual aspect of Narcissism and the dark entities at work. Please contact me to ask any questions or even share your own story.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m wondering if I’m a covert narcissist or a damaged empath I have traits for both I am so sensitive to people’s mindset I can connect with them within 2 minutes and my mind is not very strong and if it’s a negative person it can influence me negatively and certainly drain me of energy I don’t know if I’m an empath or I’m hypervigilant because of the abuse I’ve been through all my life. I am very passive and a people pleaser but come from a dysfunctional family and never really knew what love is I can see it in people that are sincere but the true love that they feel I don’t have do you know any way to develop true love I am learning to stay away from abusive people and or how to handle them I just don’t want to be one myself any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. God bless you and your desire to help hurting people.


    1. Hi Leslie, to me you sound more like a Codependent Narcissist, which falls under the Covert banner as well. Codependents are people pleasers. But your codependency can actually help you in this case provided you find the right person to align yourself with. You do need to stay away from negative and abusive people as you are bound to mimic their actions and take on their negative energies. You have to commit your ways unto the Most High. Let him be the one that you become fully dependent on so that He can mold you and shape you. Proverbs is a good book to immerse yourself in.


  2. Hi Clarice,

    Your YouTube content on exposing the narcissist is amazing. It really is such deeply important and healing work you are doing.

    I’ve been internalising blame and picking myself apart for months. It’s been a turning point for me actually accepting that I was targeted and abused. Your videos helped to acknowledge that.

    I wonder if I may make a video request? It’s along the lines of what you’ve already touched on, regarding narcissists getting clued up on narcissism to become better abusers.

    What about a video on a former narcissistic abuse victim who believes they are healed and an expert in all things narcissism .. creating a false sense of security .. luring vulnerable people into their sphere (former abuse victims themselves, who believe they’ve found someone who can truly relate) , only to go on to target and abuse them.

    Thank you. I appreciate your time and effort immensely.

    Best wishes x


    1. Hi Christina. Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the late reply. The scenario you have described happens way to often unfortunately. There are quite a few Narcissists portraying themselves as victims who want to help others but are doing it for all the wrong reasons.
      I think I have addressed it here and there but not an entire video dedicated to the issue. Two such videos I have done are called does the Narcissist know they are a Narcissist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_FLKXhGFQM and How the Narcissist gets what they want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ATGlMXUEhI&t=191s


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