Looking beyond the natural, to expose what happens Spiritually with narcissists. This website is dedicated to Exposing the malignant force at work that make all narcissists behave the same.

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Should You Expose A Narcissist

Narcissists can be tricky, deceptive and dangerous, but you should not be afraid of them. Believe it or not narcissists are more afraid of being exposed than anything else. They don’t want people to know that behind that well polished, confident image is an evil, slimy, insecure pervert that is filled with shame, hate, envyContinue reading “Should You Expose A Narcissist”

Does The Narcissist Know They Are A Narcissist

The awareness of Narcissism is spreading like wild fire. In addition, narcissists are educating themselves about Narcissism; but not to change themselves. They are learning about it to then accuse other people of being narcissists. Narcissists are educating themselves about Narcissism, to then, beat others to punch in order to deflect and shift blame. TheyContinue reading “Does The Narcissist Know They Are A Narcissist”


DOES EVERYONE HAVE SOME NARCISSISM? There has been a lot of misinformation, going around to counteract the spreading awareness of Narcissism, that is on the rise in our society. I keep hearing the following statements: ‘Everyone have some narcissism’ or their is ‘healthy narcissism’. Let’s first look at a few definitions of narcissism: 1 –Continue reading “IS EVERYONE NARCISSISTIC”



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My name is Clarice and I have dedicated this website to exposing the narcissist and help others to overcome narcissism. I aim to delve a bit deeper to look at the spiritual aspect of narcissism and the dark entities at work. Please contact me to ask any questions or even share your own story.

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