Looking beyond the natural, to expose what happens Spiritually with narcissists. This website is dedicated to Exposing the malignant force at work that make all narcissists behave the same.

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Why Are Narcissists Usually Low In Energy

Are Narcissists Lazy? Are they operating on a lower vibrational level?

How Narcissists View Relationships

Having relationships are a vital part of the human experience. Relationships can be diverse and complicated, but one thing that is certain is that relationships with Narcissists are toxic and dangerous. Narcissists love having relationships because they need people. They need people to shower them with love and affection. But, they also need people toContinue reading “How Narcissists View Relationships”

The Narcissistic Psychopath

Narcissists and Psychopaths have a lot in common and that is why I say; “All Psychopaths are Narcissists but not all Narcissists are Psychopaths.” What about Sociopaths? Sociopaths are the result of early childhood abuse. Their anti-social behaviours are prevalent throughout their life and is clear for all to see. Sociopaths experience some guilt andContinue reading “The Narcissistic Psychopath”



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My name is Clarice and I have dedicated this website to exposing the narcissist and help others to overcome narcissism. I aim to delve a bit deeper to look at the spiritual aspect of narcissism and the dark entities at work. Please contact me to ask any questions or even share your own story.

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