Silence is usually deemed as peaceful, welcoming and pleasant but when a Narcissist goes silent it is none of these things. A narcissist’s silence is never a good thing because the reasons for which they they go silent are usually ill natured.

If a Narcissist is quiet around you, these are the possible reasons:

  1. They see you as a threat – You may have a strong, confident personality that makes the Narcissist uncomfortable.
  2. Narcissists are overthinkers and also have an addictive personality – If there is something that is stressing them or there is an upcoming event where they will play a major part, they will obsess about it and go over it again and again in their minds, and play out all the possible outcomes. They analyse conversations and interactions they’ve had through out the day and end up seeing things that were not there and basically creating issues where they weren’t any before.
  3. They have a secret supply – When in a relationship with a narcissist, if they stop talking to you it’s because they have someone else to talk to. They have a secret supply who they are more concerned with impressing than you. It’s difficult for a narcissist to maintain more than one main supply effectively. They will be loving on one while hating the other. Or being nice to one while abusing the other. So, if the narcissist is love-bombing someone else expect silence and their abscence.
  4. Plotting to destroy or discard someone – When it comes to taking people out the Narcissist is very focused and strategic as to how they would like this to happen, so when they are plotting someone’s destruction expect silence.
  5. They are punishing you – Narcissists use the silent treatment as a tool to punish people. If you’ve offended them in any way this is usually their first go to means of retaliation.

Also, a Narcissist’s silence is usually accompanied with a very negative energy that can sometimes be seen and felt. When a narcissist is silent, they become lost in their minds usually dwelling on negative events and emotions. The silent treatment for the narcissist is like a recharging of strength for the darkness within.

It would benefit the Narcissist and the people around them if they never carried out the silent treatment, as nothing good usually comes out of it. They surely are not reflecting on their behaviours and how to change or make someone happy. The Narcissist’s mind is not occupied with such positive thoughts.

All I’m trying to say is that Silence Is Never Golden with the Narcissist involved. Expect only evil and twisted intentions that will lead to someone’s hurt.

Should You Expose A Narcissist

Narcissists can be tricky, deceptive and dangerous, but you should not be afraid of them. Believe it or not narcissists are more afraid of being exposed than anything else. They don’t want people to know that behind that well polished, confident image is an evil, slimy, insecure pervert that is filled with shame, hate, envy and disgust.

Narcissists envy people who are genuine, happy and empathetic because these are things they are not. The narcissist wants you to believe the lie that they present to you. They want to charm you and fool you so that you don’t see them for what they really are.

The narcissist, like the entity who controls them, is very deceptive because it wants to remain hidden. Exposing a narcissist also exposes the demon at work in their life. That is why if you call out a narcissist and let them know that they are evil, demonic or possessed chances are they will want to avoid you. The narcissist wants you to be afraid of them, they want you to feel intimidated by them. You exposing them and calling them out for what they are is a clear sign that you are not afraid of them and this will make them want to stay away from you.

Narcissists feed off of your negative emotions especially FEAR!

I do not agree with some of the advice out there that encourages people to not expose a narcissist or to run away from a narcissist. That is teaching people to be afraid and I don’t believe anyone should be afraid of a narcissist. I am persuaded that the people who give this advice are narcissists themselves who do not want to be exposed.

I believe, if you are already in an entanglement with a narcissist, that evidence of their evil deeds should be recorded and made available for all in their circle to see. Remaining silent about narcissistic abuse profits only the narcissist. They need to be exposed not just on a general level like what I do but on a personal level. Expose then go No Contact!

Of course, some wisdom needs to be applied as to how you go about doing it. One of them being that you are out of their reach, because an immediate lash out is expected, but Exposing the Narcissist is needed.

We Shouldn’t Be Afraid, We Shouldn’t Be Silent.

For any other narcissist who you may have to work with or interact with on a social level for whatever reason, it’s best to just avoid them. Getting hard evidence on these types of narcissists can be difficult because it usually takes being in a relationship and in their personal space to do this, and it is not worth it.

In the video below I share some tips as to how to stay ahead of the narcissists in your life.

Does The Narcissist Know They Are A Narcissist

The awareness of Narcissism is spreading like wild fire. In addition, narcissists are educating themselves about Narcissism; but not to change themselves. They are learning about it to then accuse other people of being narcissists.

Narcissists are educating themselves about Narcissism, to then, beat others to punch in order to deflect and shift blame. They do it to manipulate and cause confusion. So does the narcissist know they are a narcissist? Probably YES!

What I’ve observed with the narcissists I know, is that they take some pride in being a narcissist. They see themsleves as smarter and more resourceful. They believe they set the standard for others to work towards. But, they just don’t want the negative parts of being a narcissist associated with them. So, many will pretend not to be due to the negative connotations attached to being a narcissist.

Narcissists love to project their negative tendencies, thoughts and emotions onto others. They are very deluded and simply insane, to the point where they would manipulate someone into believing that they are the narcissist and not them. Instead of working on themselves and taking ownership for their actions, they find it easier to just blame someone else.

How pathetic is that!

It takes a truly selfish, deluded, wicked and unempathetic person to do something like this. But that is what we can expect from narcissists.

The odd narcissist who is not familiar with the term ‘narcissist’ or that they are one, still behaves in the same manner. Even when there is no term or label to describe the abuse they put others through when confronted the narcissist will still try to absolve themselves from all blame. They will take everything you accuse them of and throw it back at you trying to make something stick.

The worst thing about narcissists knowing what they are, is that they can better pretend not to be one. We have narcissists with YouTube channels pretending to be victims of narcissistic abuse. We have the ‘Educated Narcissists’ with their degrees acting as professionals in this subject area, pretending to care about helping others.

Narcissists care about no one but themselves and what these ‘Pretenders’ are getting is a truck full of narcissistic supply from true victims of Narcissistic Abuse. Narcissists do not miss an opportunity and many have realised that pretending to be the victim or a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse is more beneficial for their pockets and their egos.

If a narcissist calls you a narcissist, don’t even argue with them just tell them they are too deluded to know the difference and walk away.

Should you tell the narcissist that they are a narcissist?

It depends on who that narcissist is. If it’s your boss, co-worker, fellow church member or school mate; NO! There is no point; you will just be bringing unnecessary negative attacks your way.

The only time I think it is necessary would be, for the closer, personal relationships. For example: If you discover you are in a relationship with someone who is and you’ve decided to walk way, only then should you let them know that you know. Leave a letter, send a text then cut all contact.

But you don`t tell them to start an arguement. Also, do not tell them hoping that they will listen right a way and agree with you. No, they will not! Be prepared to cut all ties and go no contact because the narcissist will not allow it to slide.


Many narcissists already know that they are narcissists and all narcissists know that something is wrong with them but they will not admit it. So, even if they don’t know yet they are a narcissist, they know that there is a dark, empty void that they can’t seem to fill.

Narcissists work hard to convince the people around them that they are perfect and all is well in their world, when it’s not. Narcissists comfort themselves with LIES but they will not be able to run or hide from the truth forever,

Narcissists are the Great Pretenders! To the outiside world they pretend to be Everything They Are Not!



There has been a lot of misinformation, going around to counteract the spreading awareness of Narcissism, that is on the rise in our society.

I keep hearing the following statements:

‘Everyone have some narcissism’ or their is ‘healthy narcissism’.

Let’s first look at a few definitions of narcissism:

1 – Excessive self-involvement, vanity, egocentricism and lack of regard to others.

2 – Pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one’s own body or self.

3 – Total self-absorption, a need for gratification without regard or concern for others.

Narcissists are the ones with Narcissism but it is being pushed on the masses. Yes, it is true that many people are more self-absorbed today, thanks to social media and the media in general, but not everyone (myself included). We live in a time where people are encouraged to be narcissistic and it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between somone who is just a little narcissistic to being a full blown narcissist. I believe all this is intentional. The lines have been blurred to make it easier for people to accept this new mantra that everyone is a narcissist or everyone has a bit of narcissism in them.

Educated narcissists are the ones pushing this misinformation and the masses are just lapping it up. It doesn’t matter how many degrees these narcissists have, we need to remember that they are still narcissists. They are still delusional, pathological liars who are trying to sway the unsuspecting to their dark side.

From the definitions of Narcissism given above; where is there room for narcissism to be healthy? The root of Narcissism is evil and sick why try and put a positive spin on it and say there is Healthy Narcissism.

It’s one thing to care about your appearance and another to be constantly obsessed with it. A decent person would want to be clean and presentable when they are going out; so how can someone turn around and tell them they are being narcissistic. The Narcissism comes when their appearance becomes an obsession: where they are constantly checking themselves in the mirror (taking selfies) or their general commitment to looking good or presenting a certain image becomes excessive.

The problem in today’s society is that too many people are filled with vanity. Being vain (which is a narcissistic trait), is the issue. According to the Cambridge dictionary ‘Vain’ is being too interested in your appearance or achievements. Having too much vanity can lead to other problems such as selfishness, materialism and not having deep and meaningful relationships. Money, looks, material possessions and who you know are very shallow things to base your life around but to a vain person they are everything.


Someone who has a few narcissistic traits, can go on to become a full blown narcissist with narcissism. Bu,t as I’ve demonstrated many people are not actually narcissists they are just vain. But the intention of the powers that be is that they do become full blown narcissists. They hope that the Spirit of Narcissism will take over the population.

Narcissism is all about oneself, with no regard to others. Narcissism is a lack of empathy. Many people who have picked up a few narcissistic traits still have empathy and still care deeply for others.

Narcissism should be reserved for Narcissists and we should not be too quick to take upon ourselves this attribute.

Now, we are left with the task of weeding the non-narcissists out of the bunch. A clear differentiation is needed to separate the narcissistic (having a few narcissistic traits) from the narcissists. What a lot of people need to work on, so as to not appear narcissistic is; Stop being so VAIN!

To conclude, there are many people who exhibit some narcissistic traits but they are not narcissists. Narcissism is a quality of narcissists and I believe that the Cluster b sect, sociopaths and psychopaths are all narcissists. They all have narcissism as their foundation.

There is no such thing as Healthy Narcissism. Narcissism is for Narcissists not ME!

The Benefits of Being a Narcissist

Are there benefits to being a narcissist? What good does it serve the narcissist to be the way they are?

I have talked a lot about the troubles or woes that a narcissist endures but there is something that keeps the narcissist trapped and in denial to what is really happening in them and to them.

Have you heard of people selling their souls or making deals with the devil? Well, with the narcissist it is very similar to that.

Many narcissists are very successful, they tend to be the ones who are promoted for positions and power. They are the politicians, motivational and public speakers, pastors, C.E.Os, doctors, lawyers, managers, teachers, trainers. But they can also be successful in blue collar jobs as well but the point is, that the narcissist tends to live a life that is worth envying (at least from the outside).

This happens because narcissists are a host to a very dark entity, and for being a host the narcissist is given, what we call, the Gift of Gab, which is: the ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you and believe you.

With this gift and their unhealthy desire to compete and beat everyone around them, the narcissist is able to charm and persuade their way through life getting what they want. This ability makes up for the lack of empathy as the narcissist is able to convince and influence with only their words. Every interview and conversation is a breeze and the narcissist realises very early on this ‘power’ that they now have which draws people and success into their lives.

Many narcissists know that they have this gift and they use it to benefit themselves while destroying the lives of people around them. Narcissists love to gossip, lie and gaslight. They sow seeds of discord to cause arguements and division. They use their tongue to wreak havoc in people’s lives through smear campaigns. They persuade their exes to take them back despite any previous hurt they had caused. They seduce and flirt with whoever they fancy. They break people with their words. Their Gift of Gab is used only to benefit them.

Their gift, to speak the right words, at the right time has something else more sinister at work. When a narcissist is conversing with the intent to persuade or achieve something, it’s almost like they are putting the recipient under a spell. Words are very powerful in their own right but the narcissist has an extra demonic force at work that leaves the hearer almost captivated or entranced. As a result they are open to believing what the narcisisst is saying or open to grant the request of the narcissist.

This is a topic I have covered in a YouTube Video just released today. It is called The Dangers of Conversing With A Narcissist.

Narcissists are given a gift in exchange for their co-operation with the dark side and that is the Gift of Gab. But because of the success a narcissist sees in their life, they tend to attribute it to God or a higher power, if they are religious (and many tend to be). And therefore think that God must be pleased with them because of all the blessings that they are receiving or for how favoured they are. This is the ultimate deception with the narcissist. The source of their success comes from a much darker place but this denial keeps them trapped and their success makes them unwilling to change anything about their lives.

Many who have been hurt by a narcissist have questioned; When is the narcissist going to be punished? When will they get their Karma? They ask this, because as far as they are concerned, the narcissist carries on to be successful and happy. What they don’t understand is, that appearance of success and happiness is and will always be the narcissist’s downfall because their soul is lost. In exchange for worldly success they are being eaten alive and they don’t even know it. They are blinded! But, when the scales are removed from their eyes and all the people who at one time genuinely cared for them can no longer be found. Then, the darkness will reveal itself and claim what is rightfully theirs.

Narcissists are deluded into thinking that their actions will go unpunished! They are foolish to think that they can destroy so many lives and not suffer any loss.

So, although the narcissist has a temporal reward and seem to be living it up and living it well; is it worth it to gain the whole world and lose your soul? I think not!

The moral of this post is not to envy or be jealous of people who are successful because you do not know the price that they have paid to get what they have. Also, don’t believe that because someone appears to have a good life mean they actually do.


EMPATHS BEWARE: The Narcissist is the Predator and You are the Prey!

Let me make it clear; when I say ‘Empath’, I’m simply referring to anyone who has empathy. I know there is a whole Empath movement out there where there are people who are hypersensitive to whatever is around them and can literally feel other peoples´ emotions. I also know that there are different levels of Empaths but, for the purpose of this article, I am simply referring to anyone who has empathy.

Empathy is a big deal because we know that there are people out there who do not have any empathy whatsoever and they are a danger to society. Narcissists (including others on the Cluster B personality disorder scale), psychopaths and sociopaths are all guilty of lacking empathy. Although these people are split up into different categories, I believe their foundation is in narcissism and they are all narcissistic.

Narcissists target empaths! Our empathy is what makes us a magnet for narcissists. The narcissist knows they cannot feel what we feel or understand the different levels of compassion that we show to one another. They can mimic it for their own benefit but it is never genuine. They use their fake empathy to manipulate and control others. Narcissists see empathy as a weakness and therefore they perceive empaths as easy targets.

The lack of empathy that narcissists have is a big contributor to who they are (evil, selfish, deluded, pathological liars etc). When someone has been taken over by a dark entity, their ability to empathize diminishes as the evil force that they are now hosting cannot operate effectively if empathy is present. I would compare it to a light switch being turned off; you turn off the light and you´re left in darkness unable to see or discern what is wrong or right. Empathy is that light switch that goes off when a darker force has taken control.

The narcissist now earnestly seeks to connect with those who have empathy, not only to control and manipulate them but also in an attempt to feel and experience love but it never happens, as no matter how much love and compassion you show to a narcissist, it is never enough. Their ego eats it all up but the true essence of the person being possessed by the dark entity never gets any of that as their true self is hidden away.

The narcissist despises our empathy on one hand but on the other hand they crave it. It makes them feel alive, wanted and important. They’ve realised that empathy gives us access to something they don’t have, and it is Hope.

Empathy breeds hope and hope is what a narcissist really needs but because of their lack of empathy, they are instead filled with and driven by fear. Once a narcissist remains a narcissist there is no hope for them and if there is no hope, there is no joy in life.

So, narcissists will continue to hunt for empaths, as they think they are an easy target but also in a desperate attempt to attain something that they can´t ever truly have. Our empathy is our strength. We are stronger than narcissists and it´s because we have Hope!

Hope Central

What Happens When You Abandon The Narcissist

In today’s post I will be a bit of a devil’s advocate but please be sure to read until the end. I am not referring to narcissists in general places like the workplace, but rather narcissists who are closer to you, like a partner or family member.

Kicking a narcissist to the curb can be an amazing feeling! Escaping their toxic grasp and control can bring unspeakable relief. But, what about the narcissist? How do they deal with being discarded or abandoned? Should we care?

Well, it all depends. It depends on how much you have suffered or lost at the hands of the narcissist. There are different levels of narcissism. It’s a fact that some narcissists cause more damage than others. Although they are inherently evil due to their spiritual possession, some narcissists are more aware or in control than others.

I strongly believe that narcissists get progressively worse based on not just age but their experiences. Narcissists get hurt too and every time they get hurt they strengthen their defence mechanisms. They become colder and darker, the spiritual entity strengthens its hold and the narcissist becomes more dangerous.

When a narcissist is abandoned this reopens a very deep and hurtful wound. Their ego is not just bruised, it has been trampled and the narcissist is left gasping for air. They are first left dumbfounded by it all, somewhat in shock as they didn’t expect it. They explore all the whys, whos and whats. In their deluded minds they don’t understand how you can leave someone so ‘perfect’. How could you think that you could live without them? The narcissist convinces themself that you will be nothing without them. That you have made the biggest mistake of your life. But in all honesty, it has made them feel like scum and they mull over it for some time. All the while the entity is filling their minds with not only thoughts of worthlessness but revenge.

The demonic entity that the narcissist hosts, loves it when the narcissist is hurt because it is allowed to feed and strengthen itself off the pain and brokenness of the narcissist. When a narcissist re-emerges from this terrible down-time (without proper treatment) they are more dangerous than before.

They will employ flying monkeys to find out about you. They will become obsessed with you. The narcissist will want revenge. The narcissist will be smearing your name, pretending to move on and hunting for the next victim all at the same time. The narcissist is on the prowl for a new supply who will probably end up paying for what you did.

I want to bring this out because people are advising to just run or ghost the narcissist but this has a very negative effect on the narcisist and makes them more dangerous for the next innocent victim. I would advise to leave a letter or send a text explaining why you are leaving and making it clear that you know they are a narcissist and they need help. So, yes pack your bags and prepare to go no-contact but at least leave a message or note to explain why.

Yes they will use it against you somehow and it will still hurt them but you’ve given them something to work with. Something to pick apart and project back onto you (even though you won’t be around to hear it) instead of their minds going into a hundred directions trying to figure out what happened. We already know that they overthink obsessively. So just ghosting them can drive them insane. Some narcissists may even consider what you’ve said and attempt to get help. You never know!

I know for some people they would love the narcissist to suffer because of what they’ve put them through and the time they’ve taken from them. But I’m saying “spare a thought for the next person who will cross the narcissist”.

The entity wants the narcissist to get hurt. The entity wants everyone to abandon the narcissist because then it knows that it will be strengthened off the hurt and pain of the narcissist. The entity wants full control of the narcissist and every time a narcissist is abandoned that makes it more powerful.

Self-proclaimed narcissists like Sam Vankin who has surrendered to the darkness are encouraging non-narcissists to abandon the narcissists in their lives. Doesn’t anyone find that strange…? Many low-level narcissists are being abandoned and becoming worse as a result of their partners or family members just discarding them.

I will admit that some narcissists are too far gone but there are many who still have hope and the growing consensus is just to RUN! Abandon them all, discard them all, but by doing that we are only making a bad situation worse.

I am not saying to stick around and try to change them but it won’t hurt to call them out on their Crap and point them in the right direction.

But also, the narcissist doesn’t care what happens to us when they discard us; so why should we care about them and what they do? Narcissists will continue to hurt people in spite of, but as to how far they go can depend on how we treated them.

An important point to note, is that, many people today are not full blown narcissists, instead they just have a few narcissistic traits but still they are labeled narcissists. Keeping this in mind when dealing with the people in your life is very important because you may be making a bad situation worse.

I would love some feedback on this post, so please leave a comment.

The Narcissistic Injury

A quick look at the Spiritual Side of what really happens to the narcissist when they incur a Narcissistic Injury

A Narcissistic Injury is basically when the narcissist has taken offence. Someone or something has made the narcissist really angry. The ego of the narcissist has been badly bruised or threatened somehow.

The Narcissistic Injury causes the narcissist to experience a narcissistic rage and with that can come an onslaught of negative emotions, such as anger, envy, jealousy, disgust etc. But, these negative emotions, although they are not good emotions that we should wallow in for too long; the narcissist (rather the entity within the narcissist) relishes and flourishes in this pool of negativity. So, these dark emotions are actually pleasing to the narcissist.

When a narcissist is enraged or overcome with envy for example they get a boost in energy that makes them feel somewhat invincible. What is actually happening is that they have sufficiently fed the beast within and it’s ready to fight. That energy boost is the entity rising to the occassion to supply the narcissist with the vigor and determination to destroy the person who inflicted the narcissistic wound.

It’s no longer just the narcissist and their petty, insecure, emotionally immature mannerisms that you are dealing with, oh no, the narcissist has taken a back seat. You are dealing with a demon, because by the narcissist fueling these negative emotions the entity within the narcissist has gotten stronger and the stronger it becomes the more control it has over the narcissist.

The glitter of charm is gone from their eyes and all you will see are dark, bottomless, cold beads looking back at you. A smirk of pure evil lines their face. Some may even change facial features or totally contort. This is a time of manifestation. A revelation of what is truly behind the mask. Many people have experienced the destructive force of the narcissist but not many have seen the mask slip this much. For those unfortunate few, what they have witnessed is the darkest truth; the truth that evil lives and it has a face. What is seen cannot be unseen!

When it gets this bad and the narcissist eventually snaps out of it, they are very likely not to be able to remember a lot of what they did or said and it’s understandable because they were not the ones in control.

But despite this, it is best to show no fear. The narcissist wants you to be afraid because they can feed off that fear. The more you are afraid, the more they can control you and hurt you. These dark parasitic entities need something to work with and being fearful triggers them. This is why it’s important to fill your heart and life with light and good. Dwell on happy thoughts and keep HOPE alive.

A Narcissistic Injury always leads to a narcissistic rage and there are different levels to the narcissistic rage, so although it may not always get this bad the narcissist will have their revenge. They cannot let you go unpunished! The narcissist is inclined to punish anyone who crosses their path. It may take months or even years but the narcissist never forgives or forgets and will wait patiently to destroy you.

This is why NO CONTACT is usually best, because the narcissist will not let you be. They will try every trick in the book to trap you and hurt you. Be wise to their ways and never trust a narcissist.

This video explains what it means when the narcissist acts too nice!

The Jezebel Spirit and Narcissism

There is a lot of talk about the Jezebel Spirit, so today I will explain where the name Jezebel comes from and whether it has any connection to Narcissism.

If you are familiar with my blog, you already know that I believe there is a ‘Spirit of Narcissism’ that is responsible for the rise in Narcissists and Narcissism in our society; but is it the same as the Jezebel Spirit?

When I hear Jezebel Spirit, the first thing that comes to mind is a wicked, seductive woman who manipulates people and situations to get what she wants. Apparently, the Jezebel Spirit is not just reserved for women but men as well and narcissists (narcissistic men and women) in particular are now labeled as Jezebels. But, what is the origin of the name ‘Jezebel’?

Well, Jezebel is the name of 2 women in the bible. The first one was the wife of Ahab, king of Israel, and a very wicked woman. Her story begins in 1 Kings Chapter 16 vs 31 through to 2 Kings Chapter 9 vs 37. This Jezebel was a murderer, a liar and a very controlling woman. She was also the one who influenced her husband to carry out many wicked deeds as it says clearly in 1 Kings Chapter 21 vs 25: ‘And Ahab did wickedly, in that he sold himself to do that which was evil in the sight of the Lord, as his wife Jezebel led him astray.’

In 2 Kings Chapter 9 vs 30, it talks about her hearing of Jehu (a mighty warrior) coming to the city where she was and she painted her face etc. and looked out the window, perhaps to seduce him.

The second Jezebel is mentioned in Revelations Chapter 2 vs 20 – 23. Only 1 verse (v.20) really describes her but it tells us a lot. This is what it says: ‘Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.’

Both Jezebels influenced others to do wickedness because they both had positions of control and influence. They were both manipulators and idolators. One killed the prophets of God, the other seduced the prophets/men of God.

The qualities of these two women, who were both called Jezebel are what have been used to create and symbolise the Jezebel Spirit. But, there is actually no mention of a Jezebel Spirit in the Christian Bible. So, anyone who is manipulative, sexually immoral, controlling and evil is said to have a Jezebel Spirit.

The characteristics of these women are very similar to that of a narcissist and many links have been made recently to where narcissists are called Jezebels and even Ahabs, after Jezebel’s husband. But in my opinion, Ahab was more of a Co-dependent than a narcissist as it said clearly it was his wife who was pulling the strings. If anyone displeased him, he did not do anything to them but his wife would go behind his back and take them out. (Read 1 Kings Chapter 21 vs 1 -22).

So, as you can see, the characteristics of these two women are what have been combined to create the Jezebel Spirit and the term is now being applied to people who are narcissistic or who suffer from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As a result, Narcissist = Jezebel Spirit.

Did the Jezebel in 1 Kings have the Jezebel Spirit? No, Jezebel was probably narcissistic, so it would be more appropriate to say that the Spirit of Narcissism operated within her. But, many Christian pastors and teachers have made the terms synonymous, and Jezebel is now the mother of all narcissists.

Was Jezebel the first recorded narcissist in the bible? No, I think Cain (the first child of Adam and Eve) was very narcissistic as well. He was competitive and proud. He was also envious and jealous of his brother and that drove him to kill his own brother. Then, when confronted, he was defensive and lied about it. So, maybe the Spirit of Cain would be more appropriate.

Do Narcissists have the Jezebel Spirit? If Jezebel didn’t have the Jezebel Spirit it is not the correct name. Naming things for what they are is very important. And that is probably why Narcissism has gone undetected in churches for so long, because there are many more characteristics to Narcissism, that neither Jezebels are documented as having.

The Jezebel Spirit, much like Narcissism, is a Spirit of Destruction. It’s destroying families, churches and everyday relationships. But, I don’t think the name Jezebel Spirit is a full embodiment of what a Narcissist is, although this is what is being pushed at the moment. But, if it allows people to recognise or relate to what a narcissist is then I won’t hold it against them. The most important thing is that people realise that Narcissism is more than a mental illness and that our fight is not just a physical one but a spiritual one.

Narcissists are evil, manipulative and controlling like the Jezebels mentioned in the bible. Whichever way someone decides to pinpoint Narcissism, it’s totally their choice, but let it be known that it is an evil spirit that needs to be EXPOSED!

Why It’s So Hard To Get Over The Narcissist

For some people moving on from the narcissist has proven to be very difficult. Although they may have taken the necessary steps by going no contact, blocking them on Social Media etc., or even moving cities to avoid the narcissist; the narcissist still haunts them. Despite all their efforts, they find that they still think about the narcissist everyday. Some even desire to make contact or for the narcissist to reach out to them some how.

There is a part of them that hates the narcissist while there is another part that would love to have the narcissist back; or they may just feel stuck, unable to do much with their life and lacking in overall confidence and self-love.

Why The Struggle?

There are a few factors that can leave someone still longing for a narcissist. The first one is that it was an unexpected discard.

The narcissist discarded you and you didn’t see it coming. Although there may have been a few arguements, silent treatments, etc; the break-up was not expected. So, you are still entranced by the narcissist and this sudden harsh treatment has left you in shock even traumatised. And even though you may have put the dots together and realised that this ex-partner was a narcissist you simply can’t let go. You have become anxious, paranoid, angry, bitter, you experience feelings of worthlessness, you may even start suffering from depression. Your confidence and self-esteem has taken a beaten. You are broken.

The next factor comes down to how much was invested into the relationship. The more time, money, emotions and commitments that one has had with the narcissist is the second thing that can make it difficult to move on.

In this case you may have even discarded them but you are now obsessed with the narcissist. You replay past events in your mind over and over again. Maybe even wishing to have done certain things differently. You are angry and bitter all the time, even obsessing on how to get back at the narcissist and hurt them as much as they’ve hurt you. Getting your life back on track is more difficult than you anticipated because you are obsessed with the past, you are obsessed with the narcissist.

Some even begin stalking the narcissist on Social Media to see who they are dating, or what they are up to. What people in this situation need to realise is that even though they are not with the narcissist physically, the narcissist is still there!

Why It’s So Hard To Get Over The Narcissist

Being in an intimate relationship with someone is a physical, mental and spirtitual experience. This is why just removing yourself physically from a narcissist is not enough. You need time to detox you mind and your spirit from the narcissist in order to heal and move on. The narcissist is beyond human. They are the host for a demonic, spiritual entity who got access to your spirit while they were with you. A lot of the negative emotions and thoughts that you experience after leaving the narcissist is a sure sign that the narcissist has infected you and that they’ve left a bit of themselves within you.

These parasitic entities feed off of negativity, so if you can eradicate those negative thoughts and emotions that baby parasite that the narcissist left within you will die and you will no longer long for the narcissist or you will no longer feel the need for revenge; as you will realise that their dysfunctional existance is what will destory them in the end.

A major step to eradicating the narcissist from your life for good is to FORGIVE. Forgive yourself first (because some people do blame themselves for what has transpired with the narcissist) and then forgive the narcissist.

Holding unforgiveness will not help you but will actually hinder your recovery from narcissistic abuse and being able to move on from the narcissist.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean taking back the narcissist or even saying anything to them. It’s about releasing them for the hurt they caused by realising that they are just puppets being controlled by a malevolent force.

If you don’t forgive you remain bitter, angry, anxious and paranoid. You will be stuck in a cycle of highs and lows, your views on life and people will slowly change, hate will grow in your heart and you will slowly become more and more like the monster you once despised.

It’s time to get over the Narcissist! It’s time to stop being obsessed with the Narcissist! It’s time to Heal and fill your life with Love and Light.