What You Need To Know About The Self-Aware Narcissist

The awareness and understanding of Narcissists and Narcissism is more prevalent than ever. So, these terms have become mainstream and are being used more and more every day. As a result, Narcissists are being exposed, which has led to some of them hitting Rock Bottom and seeking change.

There are only a few things that can drive a Narcissist to this point of wanting change and it usually involves their world falling apart. Whether it’s the loss of a major source of supply, imprisonment or bankruptcy; these are the types of life altering events that tend to drive a Narcissist to seek change.

But the ‘Help’ that they choose can make this situation of dealing with Narcissists even more complicated. Because it all comes down to whether it is viewed only as a Mental Illness or an Illness of the Soul as well.

And as some people argue, that it is just a Mental Illness, the number 1. recommendation is usually to get therapy. But even therapy has its limits and cannot cure a Narcissist. What therapy does is make a Narcissist aware of who they are and the traits that they have that are deemed dangerous or harmful to others, or those closest to them. So, in this instance the Narcissist has a choice: they can choose to work to change those negative traits or use the knowledge they’ve received to refine their craft.

And because I believe Narcissism is more than a Mental Illness, I strongly do not believe that the Evil Entity that possesses them will let go of them so easy. Instead, it will deceive them into thinking that their traits, that are deemed hurtful and negative, are not. It will convince them that these traits protect them and that others do not understand. These are the types of thoughts that will be fed to the Narcissist to feed their ego and validate their pride and superiority. Because unless the Narcissist is aware that there is a spiritual element at work that wants to keep them bound, there will be no healing or deliverance.

Therefore, An Aware Narcissist does not mean a better Narcissist; as Empathy is still missing from the equation. Because when these Evil Entities possess someone, the first thing that is turned off, is Empathy. And without genuine Empathy an Aware Narcissist is now capable of manipulating people and situations better than before.

Their hearts are still dark and their spirits are still tainted by the malevolent force that controls them. Therapy is nothing more than a band-aid that doesn’t address the root problem. Instead, it aids the Narcissist to create another mask. A mask, that deceives others into thinking that they are changed or changing. A mask, that allows them to receive further empathy. A mask that allows them to hide the lower depths to which they have just sunk.

With this new found information and acceptance, which should be a driving force for change, many Narcissists choose to deal with it in one of two ways. They can either keep it to themselves or publicise it. Those that keep it to themselves are still dealing with issues of fear and shame. Whereas those who publicise it have embraced the evil with in and are no longer ashamed or fearful. The latter is what we should be more concerned about as they may have just crossed over from just being a Narcissist to a Narcissistic Psychopath.

This is something I have always thought possible. And that is why I say many/all Psychopaths are Narcissists but not all Narcissists are Psychopaths (at least not yet). Basically, I see the Publicised Aware Narcissist the same way as I view a Narcissistic Psychopath. They are both aware and unashamed of their Narcissistic Tendencies and use them to benefit themselves and master others.

Many people continue to be drawn to these so called Aware Narcissists mainly because of their magnetic charm and hopes that they will reveal more about Narcissists than a victim of Narcissistic abuse could. But they are not realising, that in purposefully listening to a Narcissist it weakens their defences against future Narcissists. And above all, Narcissists are still pathological liars whether they are aware of their behaviours or not.

To conclude, many Narcissists in therapy will try to change but that change is usually only temporary until their life is back on track. And it’s because they never dealt with the source of the problem. So many regress back into their old habits and some just learn to stay under the radar.

Narcissists are evolving! The awareness of Narcissists and Narcissism is creating a new breed of Narcissists. But do not be deceived! Because a Narcissist is in therapy, it does not mean that will make them better. You still need to tread carefully. A Narcissist needs their mind, body and spirit cleansed, in order for them to be whole again.

Seeing a therapist alone will not change them but instead awaken them to a deeper level of deception.

Narcissists are still humans, but they have been taken over by an Evil Entity. Therefore their mission, while possessed is to kill, steal and destroy whoever they can. Therefore, the aim should be to rid them of that Entity, which then would reignite their Empathy, then and only then will therapy be beneficial.There are many ways to get rid of these negative energies. Many cultures and religions have their different ways. This is something I will get into in a later post.

But remember to, Beware of all Narcissists including the Self-Aware Narcissist, who are even more dangerous than a Narcissist, who doesn’t know or accepted that they are a Narcissist. Also, I do believe a Narcissist can change but Psycho-Therapy alone is not the answer.

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I am a YouTuber and a Blogger. My topic of speciality is Narcissism. I was raised by a Narcissist, then went onto to marrying a Narcissist. I aim to expose narcissists and bring awareness of their dark ways and how they operate. My other aim is to help Narcissist Abuse Survivors to OVERCOME their abuse by understanding Narcissists and what Happened in their relationships with these devils.

2 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About The Self-Aware Narcissist

  1. My older female covert cerebral & covert somatic pathological, malignant, dangerous and textbook narcissists may be self-aware and publicised narcissists as I think 1 or 2 of them make comments on another website for narcissistic abuse victim recovery for narcissistic abuse victims – feigning innocence, falsely portraying themselves as victims – duping everyone else on there under the names of “Marie” and “Karen” – I found that there were many similarities between situations, etc…, that happened between me and each 1 of them off-screen in real life in the past and what “Marie” and “Karen” had typed into comments on a number of blogs/articles on this other website – their comments resonated with me and their names and the contents of their comments gave me a weird, eery, uncanny feeling and I thought to myself “this is more than just a coincidence – this is definitely my narcissists who I knew personally in the past” this is what my intuition told me – 1 of them is my former in-law family member -(through marriage) and the other 1 is her best friend. They’re not in my life anymore, the in-law even directly verbally to my face said “I don’t want you in my life” but there is uncertainty in the future around closure and the hoovering technique so they may attempt to re-enter into my life but I am already prepared and waiting in anticipation for that because if and when they do do that I’ll know exactly what to do and what not to do.

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