When The Narcissistic Psychopath Thinks They Are Just A Narcissist

This is something that I needed to address as I get a few Narcissistic Psychopaths in the Comments section of my YouTube videos, leaving comments like these:

You can pick up on their pride and superiority complex, which Narcissists have as well. But the Narcissistic Psychopath who thinks they are just Narcissists do not realise that simple Narcissists are more fearful, terrified of being put to shame and avoid being associated with anything negative. And instead of thinking that they maybe wrong, they instead think I am wrong and that I do not understand Narcissists.

As I have explained previously; Narcissists and Psychopaths have a lot in common and it’s a proven fact that many Psychopaths are Narcissistic.  Narcissism is a common trait for nearly all if not all personality disorders.  But it is clear that many Narcissistic Psychopaths do not realise that they are Psychopaths instead of the run of the mill Narcissists. 

They identify themselves in a lot of the Narcissistic traits and happily own up to it but just by doing that they have set themselves apart from Narcissists who do not own up to these negative qualities as they would be rather ashamed them. Whereas the Narcissistic Psychopath is well aware and unashamed of who they are and what they are capable of.

The problem is that there is a lot of talk about Narcissists, but no clear statement being made that all the Cluster b’s, Psychopaths and Sociopaths are all Narcissistic to the core. So, as a result we end up with Psychopaths and Sociopaths claiming to be just Narcissistic when it is so much more than that.

The problem of Narcissists and Narcissism is out of control and they are all coming out of the wood-work. Whether they are just Narcissists or Narcissistic Psychopaths they both pose a threat to our well-being.

If you want to know more about the Narcissistic Psychopath and the similarities they share with Narcissists please read my previous post HERE. Knowing the difference will help people to understand better what they are dealing with and the Narcissistic Psychopath to realise they are not just Narcissists.

Published by clariceonnarcissism

I am a YouTuber and a Blogger. My topic of speciality is Narcissism. I was raised by a Narcissist, then went onto to marrying a Narcissist. I aim to expose narcissists and bring awareness of their dark ways and how they operate. My other aim is to help Narcissist Abuse Survivors to OVERCOME their abuse by understanding Narcissists and what Happened in their relationships with these devils.

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