Why Are Narcissists Usually Low In Energy

After living with Narcissists I have realised the extreme effort it takes for the them to maintain their false image and personas. I’ve seen the effort it takes to just go to a corner shop and back. The exhaustion from putting on a positive font etc, only to be left incapable of carrying out at-home chores or tasks.

I personally, thought that they were just lazy as they seem to only find energy for the things they want to do or be seen doing.

There is more! It is not that simple! Narcissists are dark, bitter, negative and void of any Light. As a result they are constantly on a lower vibration or energy frequency than most people as they are constantly wallowing in negative emotions.

Also, the demonic, energy zapping entity that is inside of them keeps them in a state of never-ending darkness and paranoia. These entities are parasitic by nature and feed off the negative energies that they influence the Narcissist to generate and the hurt they inflict on others

Being in this low vibrational state sucks the Narcissist of their physical energies that they need to perform everyday tasks. Basically, it is exhausting being a Narcissist as their minds are constantly in turmoil trying to out-think and manipulate others but also they are paranoid and fearful. Furthermore, hosting a low level parasitic entity contributes heavily to them having low physical energies. Everyhting has a knock on effect. The low vibration entity keeps the Narcissist in a negative state of mind, which lowers the Narcissist’s vibration, which then affects the Narcissist’s energy levels.

So, this explains why Narcissists can muster enough energy to pursue their closest and dearest interests or hobbies but then they are not able to do more. Narcissists are still selfish, self-absorbed creatures but also, the fact is, that they just don’t have it to give. They are easily mentally and pysically exhausted.

The amount of energy Narcissists put into destroying people only strengthens the dark force within them. The Narcissist themselves are left feeling broken and battered after each encounter. So, even though they experience a temporal high and burst of energy during such altercations, the aftermath is a much different story.

But to conclude Narcissists have low vibrations, due to the negative entity and negative emotions that they harbour, which leads to them having low physical energy.

Existing at this Low Level of Vibration can lead to physical and mental ailments. As I always say, the Narcissist’s Karma is In-Built. They are their own worst enemy!

Published by clariceonnarcissism

I am a YouTuber and a Blogger. My topic of speciality is Narcissism. I was raised by a Narcissist, then went onto to marrying a Narcissist. I aim to expose narcissists and bring awareness of their dark ways and how they operate. My other aim is to help Narcissist Abuse Survivors to OVERCOME their abuse by understanding Narcissists and what Happened in their relationships with these devils.

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