How Narcissists View Relationships

Having relationships are a vital part of the human experience. Relationships can be diverse and complicated, but one thing that is certain is that relationships with Narcissists are toxic and dangerous.

Narcissists love having relationships because they need people. They need people to shower them with love and affection. But, they also need people to manipulate, hurt and abuse. So, forming and having relationships is essential to Narcissists.

Their fake image will be of no value, if there was no one around to compliment or praise them for it. Narcissists need that Narcissistic Supply to fuel their ego and keep their false reality alive. While healthy people see relationships as an opportunity to get to know others and create positive bonds; Narcissists view relationships very differently.

Narcissists form relationship for selfish reasons. It is always about what they can get from this person or what this other person can do for them. Narcissists are not interested in having honest relationships as all their relationships are built on lies. They deceive about who they are and what they are about. They never reveal their true intentions as others will just run the other way.

Narcissists present an image or personality that people can fall in love with, trust and believe in. This blinds us from seeing the Narcissist for who they truly are; so that when they lie and manipulate us, we don’t see it for what it is. The deception is strong and the deception is real but this is what they need to get access to our lives, our empathy and our emotions.

Above all, the real reason Narcissists need people in their lives is so that they can manipulate, hurt and abuse them. Making people suffer makes the Narcissist happy. Every tear you cry because of them, every frown you make, makes them feel better inside. When the Narcissist hurts someone that feeds the darkness within them. That happiness they feel is not their own but that of the entity, who relishes every fight and every arguement that the Narcissist gets involved in. The sight of misery, pain and conflict is what it delights in.

We need to remember that the Narcissist is only a host for an even more sinister being; who seeks to steal, kill and destroy everything in its path. The Narcissist is only fulfilling the darkest desires of this entity. There is no room for empathy, no room for sympathy only a desire to inflict pain and without relationships many Narcissists will not have the opportunity to do this.

Getting into relationships with Narcissists is a trap. Nothing is ever as it seems and for many, it is usually a little too late when they finally realise what they have gotten themselves into.

Knowing how to spot Narcissists and keep them at a distance is the only way to avoid being entangled. Familiarity breeds contempt. Never allow a Narcissist to get too close as if you give them a foot they will go a mile. They have no respect for boundaries and have a huge sense of entitlement.

Relationships are necessary for Narcissists, as relationships allow them to be able to carry out their darkest desires; a lot of times in secret. Many abuse their families in secret, while publicly pretending to be the perfect parent and partner.

Blood relations are no different when dealing with Narcissists. So, whether it is a Narcissistic parent, sibling, aunt or cousin; Beware! All Narcissists are the same and their intention is to ruin to you. Protect your peace and sanity by avoiding these types of people at all cost.

All relationships with Narcissists should be avoided and if you were born into a Narcissistic family they need to be avoided as well.

Relationships take time, empathy, honest communication, forgiveness, acceptance and just hands on work. Narcissists are not worth the investment as they cannot give those things in return. They are also not interested in having healthy, loving relationships. Narcissists just want to take, take and take. Relationships for Narcissists are one-sided; where they are the winners and everyone else loses.

Published by clariceonnarcissism

I am a YouTuber and a Blogger. My topic of speciality is Narcissism. I was raised by a Narcissist, then went onto to marrying a Narcissist. I aim to expose narcissists and bring awareness of their dark ways and how they operate. My other aim is to help Narcissist Abuse Survivors to OVERCOME their abuse by understanding Narcissists and what Happened in their relationships with these devils.

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